Surf Report for Thursday, June 1st 2012

Kate Guest Student

Dark and cloudy morning today the conditions for today with glassy and clean waves. The waves for today was 3ft on the set but a new swell is coming this weekend with good waves for the area. The best spot for today was the main break because left and right still open the river mouth made some good ones but a little slow the set when the waves coming not bad day in Tamarindo to keep practices or just relaxing on the warm water.                             High Tide for [&hellip post

Surf Report for Wednesday, May 30th 2012

Local Surfer

Small day in Tamarindo but nice to used a longboard and having fun taking  some waves and do funny tricks ( headstand, nose rides or sleeping on the board ). The conditions was glassy and sunny day fun to be on the water. With some  waist to shoulder high the waves help to making open rides at the main break and some at the river mouth but still a little more time waiting for the set coming.                       High Tide for Thursday: 10:36 8.61 ft, 23:09 7.78 ft Low Tide for Thursday: [&hellip post

Surf Report for Tuesday, May 29th 2012

Tamarindo Wave

Nice sunny morning and glassy conditions in Tamarindo. The waves for today was a little small but fun to bring a longboard and made the day surfing with friends. The main break was nice with left and right waves breaking and the river mouth the left was the best option but some decent right breaking too. With some chest to shoulder high on the set Tamarindo was a fun day to surf. Pura Vida                         High Tide for Wednesday: 09:37 8.31 ft, 22:07 7.54 ft Low Tide for Wednesday: 03:06 [&hellip post

Surf Report for Sunday, May 27th 2012

Tamarindo Wave

Nice sunday morning in Tamarindo with offshore, sunny and hot day. The waves was breaking pretty good at the river mouth making some good right and at the main break the left was the best choice but the right side was good too. With some shoulder to head high sizes on the set Tamarindo was decent day to surf and having fun.                           High Tide for Monday: 07:50 8.05 ft, 20:08 7.56 ft Low Tide for Monday: 01:22 1.05 ft, 13:54 1.50 ft First Quarter For more pictures check out! [&hellip post

Surf Report for Saturday, May 26th 2012

Andrea Surf Instructor

Onshore wind but sunny day in Avellanas today the conditions were choppy and some close up waves. Palo seco was a good point to surf and having good time there catch some decent wave and open rides. La Purruja ( Avellanas ) around 4pm make some overhead waves on the sets and all the local surfing there and do great tricks. The wind change to side shore  and change the conditions getting better for the surfer. The size for today was shoulder to overhead on the sets good day to go south to Tamarindo and made the day. Pura Vida [&hellip post

Surf Report for Thursday, May 24th 2012

Guest Student

Today was a day to take the longboard and having fun on the water and ride some waves in Tamarindo. The conditions were glassy and a little raining in the afternoon great to made come and clean. With some shoulder high on the sets and open rides at the main break.                       High Tide for Friday: 05:40 8.16 ft, 17:47 8.27 ft Low Tide for Friday: 11:34 1.26 ft, 23:57 0.65 ft New Moon For more pictures check out! post

Surf Report for Wednesday, May 23th 2012

Surf Student

Cloudy day and a little rain in the morning  the conditions today were choppy and close up some times. The river mouth make some waves good to be in a longboard and the main break the left was a good choice to surf and having fun. The sizes for today was 2ft to 4ft on the set small but not bad at all to be relaxing on the beach or on the water.                     High Tide for Thursday: 05:00 8.21 ft, 17:07 8.50 ft Low Tide for Thursday: 10:53 1.17 ft, 23:18 0.46 ft New [&hellip post