Tamarindo Surf Report Nov 05th

LOCATION: Tamarindo DATE: November 05th,2015 TIME: 6:30am-8am WAVE SIZE: Shoulder to Head high. WIND CONDITIONS: Offshore wind until 11:30am. SURF DETAILS: Really fun day to surf at Tamarindo with all the spot (River Mouth, Front to the camp and Pico Grande) making open ride. Sunny day and nice offshore wind helps to the wave be open and create nice berrals ...read post

Marbella Surf Report Nov 04th

LOCATION: Playa Marbella DATE: November 04th, 2015 TIME: 7:30am WAVE SIZE: Head to Overhead. WIND CONDITIONS: Morning early wind offshore. Changed to onshore around 11am. SURF DETAILS: Marbella was the perfect spot to surf today. Open waves everywhere, left and right sides, barrels. The magic place to be to have a great surf session. The wind was perfect until it changed and make it choppy . Pura Vida ...read post

Tamarindo Surf Report Nov 03rd

LOCATION: Playa Tamarindo DATE: November 03rd, 2015 TIME: 6am-8am WAVE SIZE: Morning with some shoulder to head high size waves at Tamarindo. WIND CONDITIONS: Soft wind in the morning until 10am and than change to onshore. SURF DETAILS: With soft offshore wind the morning start very nice in Tamarindo and a lot local enjoy the surf session at the river mouth, the was was open and clean, the right was again the best choice to surf. At front of the camp the left wake up a little bit making a fun wave for the students to have a great morning session ...read post

Tamarindo Surf Report Nov 02nd

LOCATION: Playa Tamarindo DATE: November, 2015. TIME: 6am WAVE SIZE:This morming condition was super fun with shoulder and overhead sizes waves in all the surf spots. WIND CONDITIONS: Offshore wind in morning until 10am because wind change to onshore. SURF DETAILS: The river mouth was one of the good spots to surf because the right was on fire making really good barrels and the left was another option to surf, at front to the camp the left was the greats to surf but the corrient was super strong today to make you paddle a little bit more today. Hide Tide [&hellip ...read post

Ostional and Avellanas Surf Report Oct 29th

LOCATION: Playa Ostional and Avellanas DATE: October 29th, 2015. TIME: 6am and 2pm WAVE SIZE:Ostional make great waves early morning with some head to overhead sizes, fun drops on right sides with soft offshore wind and the left sometime was another good option. Avellanas at the afternoon the conditions wasn’t like Ostional but still super fun with open waves (left and Rights), shouder to head sizes and going up a little bit. WIND CONDITIONS: Offshore wind at morning but change in the afternoon to onshore SURF DETAILS: Surf at south of Tamarindo is a little bit bigger and make good [&hellip ...read post

Tamarindo Surf Report Oct 28th

LOCATION: Playa Tamarindo DATE: October 28, 2015 TIME: 3pm WAVE SIZE: waves were shoulder to head high, possibly a little bigger.  Wind was onshore but the surf was still fun with many open waves and peaks up and down the beach. WIND CONDITIONS: onshore winds, but not too strong. SURF DETAILS: surf has been fun this entire week.  Early mornings the dropping tide is causing a strong current, but late morning and afternoon high tide surf sessions are fun.  Enjoy.  Pura vida! ...read post