Celebrating Women That Surf


  The following is an actual e-mail from a past guest of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp named Kate-   Hi Shawna, Could you do me a favor? Please tell Joe & Holly “thank you”. I just got an email thing for a surf camp in Nicaragua. I went through the entire website. There were NO women barring a waitress and an airline check-in person. Not one. Not even the gratuitous ass shot. I went to the WRSC site ~ women surfing, all levels; women in surf classes with men; different types of women (not just girls but women). It means [&hellip ...read post

Surf Report for Wednesday, August 17th

Copia de DSC_6950

Fun morning in Tamarindo today, slightly smaller than yesterday, knee to waist high but the light offshore winds kept the waves glassy. It stayed clean in the afternoon as offshore winds never really came in. It was a good day for longboarding. Expect similar size and conditions tomorrow. High tides for Thursday: 5:31 and 17:47 Low tide: 11:36   ...read post

We’re Giving Away FREE Robert August-signed T-shirts to Next 5 Bookings

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  Some days you just wake up and feel like giving away cool shit. Today was one of those days. How it works: It’s very simple- The next 5 people who book week-long trips with us will get Witch’s Rock Surf Camp t-shirts and stickers for each person in their group. So if you’re a family of 5, you’ll get 5 t-shirts and stickers for each person. If you book our Single Traveler’s Special, ...read post

Surf Report for Thursday, July 14th 2011


The day started out nice, with waves rolling in around the chest to head high range. The swell dropped off slightly from the past couple of days, but there were still plenty of fun waves to be had. The afternoon was when things started to get a bit ugly. A large thunderstorm rolled in and left us with victory-at-sea conditions. A few die-hard surfers stuck it out, but other than that the beach was essentially empty. Waves tomorrow should be in the chest-high range with the possibility of standout sets. A lot of it will depend on the ocean conditions, [&hellip ...read post

New York to Costa Rica: JetBlue Announces Direct Flights to Liberia


  The typically low-cost airline JetBlue recently announced its 70th regularly scheduled destination, and this is one that we’re particularly excited about. Beginning on Nov. 17th of this year, JetBlue will begin offering 4 weekly direct flights from JFK Int’l in New York to Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia, Costa Rica. The Liberia airport is just a short drive away from Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, so this is clearly big news for all of the WRSC family and friends. And while this directly benefits our friends in New York (you know who you are!), this also makes ...read post

Surf Report for Tuesday, July 12th 2011


It has been a great day of surfing right in front, the SW and SSW swell brought in shoulder to head-high sets all day. The main break was fun all morning with long lefts that tended to close out at mid-day. While the sideshore winds began to make it kind of choppy during the day, the Tamarindo rivermouth was really firing later in the afternoon. Once low tide hit,  it seemed like everyone was pulling in long overhead barrels or ripping the shoulder (yes we know, pictures don’t quite do it justice, but Eat at Joe’s happy hour couldnt wait). [&hellip ...read post