It’s Official: Witch’s Rock Surf Camp Has a New Website!



As you can see, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp has a new website!

This is a result of many knowledgeable minds and many sharp eyes working together (or as we say here, “nerding out”). More importantly though, this is a result of all of the great feedback the WRSC family has been generous enough to give us. From the staff to many of our guests, a lot of opinions and recommendations were taken into account in building this.

The whole purpose of the new site is to provide a better experience for the users who take time out of their busy lives to come and visit us online. In other words: This site is for you.

Aside from updated and more visually pleasing versions of pages for the Hotel, Surf Camp, Surf Shop and Eat at Joe’s, there are a few key changes that we think you’ll be very excited about-

Witch’s Rock Special Deals: You love getting deals, and we love making them. We will now be keeping the awesome deals we run easily available to check-out anytime you want. Right now we have our Free Room Fall (yes, that does day free) and Single Traveler specials going on. We also have the ongoing 50/50 guest referral program on there as well. We’ll keep that updated as we run new deals so be sure to keep an eye on that page. Also, please let us know if you have any ideas for deals you think we should be offering.

Updated Tamarindo Beach Web Cam: While our web cam itself isn’t new, we’ve updated the page it’s on and will soon be adding some new control buttons for you to use. Now it’s much easier for you to check the surf even if you’re in New York, Seattle, Montreal, or right here in Tamarindo.

WRSC Blog, Surf Report, Facebook and Twitter Pages: It’s now easier than ever to follow what we have going on here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. It’s also easier than ever to share the WRSC message and show your friends what we’re all about. What we’re really pumped about however, is that it’s easier than ever to interact with you. Like what we’re doing and what we’re saying? Let us know! Think what we’re saying is lame, or think there is something we can improve upon here at WRSC? Let us know! We’re just a click or two away and we love nothing more than to hear from and interact with you, the people who made this all possible.

So thank you again for all of your feedback. We will always be updating and making things better, and that’s only possible by having people who care enough to let us know.