Rocking Hump-Day YouTube Clips: Dusty Payne, Andy Irons, Witch’s & Ollie’s

August 10, 2011

Picture yourself in a dream.


Is the work week dragging on? Are you ready for it to be Saturday already?

The good news is that we’re just about half-way through the week and can see the weekend on the horizon. The bad news is that if you’re reading this right now, you’re sitting in front of a computer or checking out your iPhone and not in the water surfing.

YouTube has given a whole new meaning to mind-surfing, which is the next best thing if you can’t actually be in the water. So with that said, we’ve picked out three classic surf clips from our favorite video-sharing platform that will rock your socks off! Just sit back and take in Dusty Payne, Andy Irons, and an oldie-but-goodie from the crew here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

Dusty Payne destroying for Volcom….

Andy Irons still (and always) filthy…

A 2009 Witch’s Rock Surf Camp classic…

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