Sometimes we gotta go… WRSC employees go big on the waves out front

January 19, 2011

Here at Witch´s Rock Surf Camp we are blessed with the Tamarindo bay that keeps the waves consistent and moderates the size.   But every once in a while the swell hits us just right and the Witch´s family goes running for the water.  I just grab a camera and wait.

Andres (surf instructor) was going so fast we thought he might be able to surf all all the way over to Playa Grande

Flash (surf instructor) about to get shacked

Rigo (surf instructor) Beating the break down the line


Chilo (tour guide/ boat Captain) on his way up.

Joe (owner WRSC) powers in to one of the best rights of the day

Rigo (surf instructor) getting out while the getting is well....

Joe (owner WRSC) lip smackin' good

Andres (surf instructor) coming back from Grande the only way he knows how

Nick (Fitness expert/ and Coach of everything) going home... just like superman would.


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