Surf Report for Thursday, October 27th 2011

With the side shore wind the condition in Playa Grande for today was head high wave on the set and open ride left and right good day to make some trick and kill the wave.

All the spot was breaking fun in Playa Grande ( Las Palmas, Bulabula and Roca Ventanas), to have  a great session.



Guest Surfer




Paco Surf Guide




Scott Guest Surfer




Guest Surfer




Playa Grande Wave




Guest Surfer


High Tide for Friday: 03:07 a.m. 10.65 ft, 15:38 a.m. 9.87 ft

Low Tide for Friday: 09:22 a.m. −1.32 ft, 21:38 p.m. −0.77 ft


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