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Airline travel has gotten more difficult and expensive, and we have been doing more to help our guests book flights into Liberia Airport. The prices and schedules have all changed this year, and people are finding it harder to book affordable flights with reasonable lay-overs and schedules. Over the past few years, with the global recession, airlines have been trimming their routes. Still, it’s not the end of the world ; there are still some decent options, you just might need to dig a little harder, get a bit more creative, or call us for help!

Here are a few tips that we’ve found:

My first suggestion while looking for flights is checking which compiles all of the airlines cheapest flights for the requested time frame. Second, if you really want Liberia to be the arrival city, check out any of the following airlines websites for direct routes, or one-stop travel flights.

Continental (HUB HOUSTON) –
American Airlines (HUB MIAMI) –
Delta (ATLANTA) –
US Airways (CHARLOTTE) –

Remember that we do free pick up and drop off on Saturday arrivals and departures but we can still arrange transportation other days of the week at an extra cost.

My second suggestion is looking is to keep an open mind about flying into San Jose Airport (SJO). Sometimes flights are half of the price as a flight arriving into Liberia and this airport also receives a lot more daily flights, as it is a much bigger airport. Some discounted airlines that fly into San Jose are:


There are many different ways to get from San Jose to Tamarindo, but here are a few different ways.

FLYING: There are two companies that run short flights from San Jose right into Tamarindo. The airline that is the most convenient, and located right in the International Airport is They hardly ever have price breaks in their fares, but are very convenient. The first flight departs San jose at 7:30am and they have a flight every couple of hours after that until their last flight at 4:00pm. We can do free transportation from the Tamarindo Airport for this flight.
The other company is The airport is located in Pavas which is about a 20 minute taxi ride to and from the international airport. They also offer $5 shuttles that are at designated times, that can be booked on their website. This company tends to discount their prices a little bit more.
For both of these companies, we can pick you up and drop you off at the Tamarindo Airport which is located only 5 minutes away from us.

PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION: We offer private transportation which will be arranged for your arrival and departure time. Please inquire with the reservations office on prices and availability.

PRIVATE BUS: There is also the option of taking the bus from San Jose to Tamarindo. Please check out They have two departure times daily from San Jose and two departure times daily from Tamarindo. Our reservations office can help you book this if needed.

RENTING A CAR AND DRIVING: Yes, years ago, the drive was long, slow, with crazy road conditions, but over the last few years the government has spent a lot of money upgrading the highways and have actually opened a new highway to the Panamerican, making the highway from the international airport a lot less trafficked. Travel from San Jose was anywhere from 4.5 hours – 6 hours, is now at about 3.5 hours with much less traffic. Please remember though, you are in a different country where driving rules and etiquette are not the same as home. Be very cautious of other drivers, bikers, pedestrians, dogs, cows and horses on the road.

Canadian Travelers –

Along with the airlines that fly into Liberia mentioned above, there are also some other websites to check out that do discounted flights a lot of the time. They flights are usually only ran in the high season (November – May) but worth checking it out.

European Travelers –

There are very few companies that have once a week direct flights from Europe into Liberia:

Please remember when trying to work out flight details, our reservations office can help you out with any questions you might have. We do this everyday and have became pretty crafty 🙂

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