Monday Surf Report

The conditions this morning are calm winds with a SSW swell of 4ft at 11 second periods. The product of these conditions are clean and soft waves that are coming in at 2-3ft. Wind will pick up throughout the day but will die down at sunset, giving us another window of glassy surf.

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Friday Surf Report

This morning's conditions were pretty clean with low winds and a mid tide around 8 am. The swell is around 4-5ft with a 13 second period. Right now we are reaching the bottom of low tide and the wind is picking up. Hopefully the wind dies down this afternoon and we can get a glassy session before sun down.

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Tuesday Surf Report

The surf conditions today are not amazing. We are coming out of low tide this morning and the swell is pretty weak. The rides are short but there are a few shoulders out there. Wind conditions are low but will pick up throughout the day, causing the waves to lose form.

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Saturday Surf Report

The waves are perfect for long boarding today. The swell is 2-3ft and the wind is calm. High tide is coming up at noon and wind is expected to blow on shore around 1pm. The quicker you get out there the better. Waves will decrease in quality as it gets later in the day.

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Wednesday Surf Report

If you have been in Tamarindo for the past couple days, you know that it has rained a tremendous amount. The runoff from all the rain has left us with chocolate brown waves. Yike! Besides the poor water quality, we have a window right now of rideable waves. The tide is droping and will reach its lowest at 3:30 pm. The wind is increasing by the minute and will be blownout before you know it. Hurry up and get out there!

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Friday Surf Report

The waves are coming in at 4-5 ft with the occasionaly 6ft. The conditions are clean with some intervals of rain. The wind is anticapted to increase around 10 am, however with the rain intervals we might get some glassy periods throughout the day. Low tide is at 11 am and we will be reacing high tide around 5 pm. Could be some good waves around 3pm if the wind is calm.

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Thursday Surf Report

The ocean is looking calm and steady with light winds. We have a short window before the wind picks up and the tide becomes too low. The swell has decreased since yestarday but still has some size. I hope you guys can make that window today and catch some good waves.

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Wednesday Surf Report

The waves this morning looked great! All the conditions lined up resulting in glassy rides. I unfortunatly slept in but was able to get this photo before the tide got too low. As we head into our day the surf might decrease in quality due to wind. However, if we are lucky the waves could be good before sunset.

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The ocean is looking really glassy this morning. The swell is picking up but even in low tide the waves are looking pretty small. We should be hitting high tide around 3pm and with expected rain in the afternoon, we might get an afternoon glassy surf session.

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