Insider Secrets: Tamarindo Pt. 2

While Tamarindo offers a variety of activities that cater to locals and tourists alike, there are a some little-known “insider secrets” that are not obvious to short-stay vacationers. Ask any tour group in the area what there is to do, and they will ramble off a list of volcano tours, zip lining treks, and all-day catamaran parties. Don’t get me wrong, all these activities are worthwhile and will stoke your sense of adventure, but if you are looking to stay local, save some green, and find your own adventure, this 3 part series will aid you in your search.

With each part of this series, we will give some free activities, some almost free activities, and some fun, affordable activities that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Enjoy.



~Explore Langosta~

The next beach down, located directly to our south, is the resort town of Playa Langosta. From Tamarindo, walk along the beach (at low tide) around the point, or follow the signs along the inland road. Langosta’s rocky shoreline is a great place to check out the sunset, splash around in a tide pool, and even catch some waves. Unlike Tamarindo, Langosta is fairly quiet and mostly caters to high-end tourists looking for solitude from the Tamarindo energy.

Tip: Langosta is very rocky and is best for advanced surfers. Also, enjoy a post-surf grub sesh at Matty’s deli located across the street from the main parking lot.

Langosta Beach from above
Langosta Beach from above

~Check out Pirate Radio~

It’s the Witch’s Rock Piiiiiirate Radio Show! Every Friday from 5-7pm, 99.5 Radio Dos hacks the Costa Rican airways from Eat at Joe’s, one of our onsite restaurants. The Radio show is broadcasted throughout Costa Rica and on the internet at Tell your friends and family to tune in! Listen to some tunes, take notes on the surf report, and enjoy the sunset with an ice-cold microbrew.

Tip: Have a good story? Ask about being a Pirate Radio live guest!

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Almost Free


~Bike to Grande~

If you are an adventurous person and want to do some exploring on your own time, then the back-trails of Playa Grande await. Located right across the Tamarindo estuary, the winding inland paths through Playa Grande offers a mellow ride that parallels the beach all the way down to the main surf peak. Just rent a bike (available at our camp), find a boat taxi to take you across the estuary for $1, and start your unscripted journey. From Tamarindo to the main surf peak in Grande, the ride takes about 25 min (the same as if you were to drive a car!).

Tip: Boat Taxis run from about 6am to 6pm everyday.

~ Find solitude on Captain Island~

Located right offshore of Tamarindo beach is the uninhabited Isla Capitan (Captain Island). While there are no establishments on this small island, it can offer a cheap adventure for those looking for some exercise and exploration. Located right in the center of the Tamarindo Bay, Isla Capitan offers a unique view of Tamarindo, Playa Grande, and our neighboring beach town, Langosta. Rent an SUP, a kayak, or even paddle out on a longboard. The journey takes about 25 min each way and will surely shape up your paddling skills.

Tip: Go out the the island  before dead low tide. Return to the shore once the tide starts rising again. Paddling with the current is always easier than against.


Fun and still affordable

~Zen out at Mermaids and Sailors Yoga Studio~

Recently Opened in the heart of Tamarindo, Mermaids and Sailors Yoga Studio offers a variety of practices taught by certified Yoga instructors. After a long day of sun and surf, what better way to unwind than to attend one of the daily yoga classes. Classes range from restorative slow flow yoga to power vinyasa. Also, make sure to parooz through their on-site boutique which offers a unique  selection of yoga apparel and more!

Tip: The studio is located on the beach side of the road at the main intersection of town.

M and S



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