June Promo: 100% Off Your Next Surf Trip!


June is WRSC appreciation month! And because WRSC appreciates all our guests so much, for the first time in WRSC history, we are giving away a free surf trip! That’s right…a free, 1 week stay at our beachfront hotel with whatever surf program you choose. The total value of this package comes just shy of $2,000!

Here’s how to enter: Everyone who books their trip in June (starting June 1st and ending June 30 at 11:59pm) is eligible to enter our WRSC appreciation contest. But to win this contest, you’ll have to get creative. Shoot a video, record a song, take a photo…  Use whatever creative medium you’d like to express your appreciation for WRSC. If you’re a writer, write something, if you’re a painter, paint something. Let your inner creativity lead you into a free one week stay in paradise!

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So what’s the first step? Book your trip ASAP! Only clients who book during the month of June are eligible*…… so contact us now at https://witchsrocksurfcamp.com/contact/ (*Booking during the month of June doesn’t mean coming here is June. Book your trip for whenever, just call and reserve during this month)

Submissions can be sent through Email (witchsrocksurfcamp@gmail.com),Facebook (Witch’s Rock Fan /or friend page,) or Instagram. The submissions will be viewed and voted on by an exclusive panel of Witch’s Rock judges and the finalists will be posted on Facebook for a final vote by the fans! All entries must be submitted BEFORE July 10.

The winner of the contest can either take the 100 percent off their previously booked trip or can make plans for another free trip sometime in the future. Blackout dates apply* & availability dependent

So now that you’re all booked, let your creative mind flow! There are no limits to what you can submit, but it must be original. Think outside the box, show us something unique, throw some paint to the canvas, and unleash your creative intuition! Pura Vida!
Blackout dates (Dec 20-Jan 3)*

Questions? Check Availability

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