Sunday night 11pm – new WRSC website goes live!

Many thanks to Bruce, Elizabeth, and the whole WRSC Reservations team for helping out as much as they did. We just launched the new website, designed by our buddy Jane Bocker. No, it wasn’t one of the website finalists from the vote we held last month. Hell, it wasn’t even on the ballot! But when Jane emailed me her concept for the new site, I was like “hey, this is just like the current website, except mo betta!”.

So, if you’d like to become aquainted with the new WRSC website, go right ahead. Tomorrow we will add the WRSC Employees page, the Tamarindo tides, plus some hotel room pictures that didn’t make it in time tonight. Also, check out the surf tour we’re offering to Peru this October, and OF COURSE you gotta check out the new WRSC SURF YACHT.



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