Surf Report for Friday, May 20th 2011

Playa Grande (Palmeras)

We made a run over to Palmeras today to see what it looked like.  At 1pm when we got there things were calm and clean coming in around waist to chest high.  The winds were onshore but that didn´t seem to be affecting shape too drastically.  Within a half an hour we started seeing sets coming in easily head high with some standout 1-2 foot over.  Once the big sets started rolling in things got pretty rough out in the water but there were some very good rides once you got out.  Winds remained onshore for the entire time we were there.

Back at home in Tamarindo things were a bit smaller but not by much.  At sunset we saw a fair amount of shoulder to head high sets rolling through.  With winds staying onshore most waves were closing pretty fast, but there was still a very workable left.

For Saturday we should be seeing the swell drop slightly with between shoulder and head high in the AM with winds running sideshore/onshore and fair conditions.  Late morning and early afternoon the winds will be turning onshore and bringing some chop into the water.  By sunset the swell should be dropping down to shoulder high.  All of the swell activity is coming out of the SSW still but we should be losing the short period S swell by the end of tomorrow.

High Tide for Tomorrow 5:29am/5:44pm

With low tide at 11:29am/11:56pm

Time of Post 8:03pm Local Time

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