Surf Report for Wednesday, October 5th 2011

Photo Report By Rafa Sandoval.



The condition for today were a little better with the size and making some nice wave early on the morning.




Manrique a local surfer do a snap trick before the wave get in close out.




Having fun is one the best think you can do when do you jumping on the water.




Some waves were good for surfing on the left side with a decent size to the chest and have a cool finish.




The rights also are not far behind even when I change a bit to onshore still nice to ride it.




High Tide for Thursday: 10:09 a.m. 7.51 ft, 22:52 p.m. 7.61 ft

Low Tide for Tuesday: 03:49 a.m. 1.87 ft, 16:25 p.m. 1.55 ft


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