Tamarindo Beach Break

Tamarindo Beach Break Wave Quality
Average (4 /  10)
Tamarindo Beach Break Ideal Swell Direction

SW (215° – 230°)
NW (280° – 300°)

Tamarindo Beach Break Ideal Wave Height
Waist high – chest high
Tamarindo Beach Break Best Wind Direction
Light offshore
Tamarindo Beach Break Best Tide
Mid – high tide
Tamarindo Beach Break Required Experince
Beginner – Intermediate
Tamarindo Beach Break Best Board
Soft top, Longboard
Tamarindo Beach Break Bottom
Tamarindo Beach Break Crowd
Moderate – Heavy
Tamarindo Beach Break Wave Power
(4 / 10)
Tamarindo Beach Break Best Time of the Year
July & August

Tamarindo Beach Break

Location – The Tamarindo beach break is located right in the center of Tamarindo, approximately 200 meters south of the Tamarindo Rivermouth and 150 meters north of Pico Grande and Pico Pequeño.

The Tamarindo beach break consists of a few scattered peaks that break directly in front of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp and the Tamarindo beach parking lot.

Playa Tamarindo is one of the original surf towns in Costa Rica made famous by Bruce Brown’s The Endless Summer 2.

Wave Type / Quality

Left & Right beach break (4 / 10) Average

With a mostly flat sandy bottom and nothing to break up the incoming swell, the Tamarindo beach break is generally a close out. Granted, the wave can have fun shape during a swell with multiple directions or a shorter period wind swell, but overall, this wave is for beginners or low end intermediates. As a beginner riding the white water, this wave is perfect since the take-off is easy and there is a soft sandy bottom underneath. Every so often, there is a nice, fast left hander that makes its way through the line-up, but you need to be quick if you want to beat the sections.

Ideal Swell Direction

SW (215° – 230°)  NW (280° – 300°)

Since the Tamarindo beach break has a due west orientation, there needs to be a fair amount of west in the corresponding swell. A strong storm that flares up in the South Pacific next to New Zealand or in the central South Pacific will send a healthy dose of SW swell. The beach break will also receive NW swells during the dry season (November – April) when the North Pacific is activated. Ideally, a combination of swell angles will give the wave the best shape.

Ideal Wave Height

Waist – chest high

Since this wave is mostly a close-out, big surf here is generally unmakeable. The best size is  in the waist – chest high range.

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