The 5 Best Surfing Podcasts for Adventure Loving Surfers

Podcasts are like books but without all the work. You can dive deep into fantasies, learn something new, or listen in on a stimulating intellectual debate. In the last half-decade or so, the popularity of podcasts has exploded. There seems to be a podcast for every hobby, occupation, or type of person. So, it should not surprise you that there is a slew of great podcasts for surfers and travelers. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 5 great podcasts that are sure to inspire you to get out and see the world and catch some waves along the way!

1. The Kyle Thiermann Show

For those of you that do not know, Kyle Theirmann is a jack of all trades of when it comes to the surfing world. Not that he’s a multi-sport athlete a la Kai Lenny, but rather he holds multiple roles in the surfing world. For starters, he is a Patagonia Sponsored big wave surfer. A title that he earned through countless sessions at Mavericks. Theirmann is also a journalist of sorts, he has self-shot and produced multiple documentaries that focus on environmental issues and connect to surfing. These days, Theirmann hosts a top-tier podcast that has guests who are pro surfers, navy seals, adventure photographers, and much more!

2. Nat Geo Weekend Radio/ Nat Geo Live

If you’ve ever wanted a first-hand account of one of those mystifying Nat Geo climbing expeditions or wanted to know how the world’s best adventure photographers got their start, Nat Geo Weekend Radio and Nat Geo Live are for you. These podcasts and lectures are truly unique.

3. The Occ-Cast

The Occ-Cast, hosted by Aussie surfing legend and former world champion Mark Occhilupo, is a relaxed inside look at the professional surfing world. Occy sits own with some of the world’s greatest professional surfers, like Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, and Rob Machado, to pick their brains about the current state of professional surfing.

4. Zero to Travel

The Zero to Travel Podcast is perfect for anyone stuck in a 9-5 rut that wants to make global travel a reality. The host, Jason, shares work experiences and opportunities abroad, tips and resources for new travelers, and tales of his travels. This podcast is sure to inspire you to get out and see the world.

5. The Amateur Traveler

The Amateur Traveler is a destination focused podcast, with over 500 episodes highlighting a different, unique, destination. The host, Chris Christensen, paints a vivid picture of each destination in a short amount of time, leaving his listeners yearning for the open road.

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