WRSC goes green(er)!

As part of a wider project, we’re leading research about sustainability down here. Unless you already know, WRSC has always been trying to think green, this place was built using local resources and materials, the Pura Vida Health Market provides organic products to our restaurant, and we were one of the first to worry about water treatment in Tamarindo and chose alternate solutions.

In the chapter “green energy”, last week Joe and I met Jean Luc, chef at Mar y Sol restaurant, in Playa Flamingo. He owns this small biodiesel reactor using the waste oil of the kitchen to make biodiesel! He runs 3 vehicles with it, and hasn’t bought diesel for ages! The process is really simple, and takes less than an hour per day.

Check this out!

Inspired by this initiative we will soon be having our own biodiesel reactor here at WRSC, recycling the local restaurants waste oil. FT’s restaurant has already offered us our used cooking oil, and if you own a restaurant in town and want us to take your used cooking oil we will happily do so. This will take us further down the green path!
pura vida and thanks

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