Surf Report for Friday, September 9th 2011


Playa Grande (Las Palmeras) Super fun waves over in Grande today coming in between waist and chest high.  Nothing monster and definitely a little more suited to longboard but fun none the less.  Winds were fairly cam moving offshore and then turning sideshore around 11am.  The break was still working when we finally gave it up around 1pm. We headed back to Tamarindo and things were looking small but fun with some clean waves breaking in the waist high range.  By 2pm the wind had kicked heavy onshore with only a few decent rides coming through.   Still worth the [&hellip post

Surf Report for Thursday, September 8th 2011

Copia de DSC_0433

Tamarindo There was a great morning session out on the main break today.  Waves were coming in mostly around waist to chest high with glassy conditions  and some great shape starting up around 8:30am.  The break kept it up with some smaller longboard waves as we moved into early afternoon.  The wind did finally kick onshore around 2pm bringing in some chop and pushing down on the waves.   Sunset was a bit of a bust with a storm moving through and the tide dropping low. Tomorrow we should see a drop off in wave height although the conditions for [&hellip post

Surf Report for Saturday, September 3rd 2011


Tamarindo Things were still pretty hectic yesterday out on the Main break.  The early morning we were seeing some smaller waves, in the head high range, but there was not a whole lot of organization with some serious current pulling in toward the river mouth.  Things did clean up considerably in the afternoon but the majority of waves were still closing out. This morning has been clean with a left begining to hold up around 6am.  As of right now that left is breaking clean in the chest to head high range, with some occasional overhead that is actually staying [&hellip post

Surf Report for Thursday, September 1st 2011

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Tamarindo (photos 8/31 Main & Pico Grande breaks) The swell finally hit hard yesterday with 4-6 ft coming in at the Main in the morning.  While the morning saw decent rides on the main by the afternoon when the swell had begun pushing over 6ft the entire main was closing nearly at once.  Pico Grande was pulling some nice lefts off in the afternoon. This Morning started off clean but there was still some heavy closeouts out front of the Surf Camp.  Around 8:30am a left that started to form up on the Main, not very consistent but if you [&hellip post

Surf Report for Tuesday, August 30th 2011


  What a beautiful day today! We’re still in a ‘in-between phase’ as we wait for our next swell to arrive, but the knee to waist-high waves have been super fun, especially given the way the weather has held up lately.     We should be seeing the first few waves from our next swell showing up early tomorrow afternoon.         High Tide for Tuesday 03:33 p.m. 9.88 ft Low Tide for Tuesday 09:19 a.m. -0.64 ft/09:37 a.m. -0.89 ft post

Surf Report for Sunday, August 28th 2011


Tamarindo Saturday was a a pretty rough day here in Tamarindo.  The winds were racing onshore in an apparent effort to get over and join the hurricane over on the Atlantic side.  The water stayed pretty choppy for most of the day and the waves stayed close together with very little organization. Today started about the same with onshore winds and a lot of chop in the water.  The waves did clean up a bit and managed some organization in the late morning with the tide coming in.  They were mostly in the waist high range. In the early afternoon [&hellip post

Surf Report for Friday, August 26th 2011


Tamarindo surf report (Photos Avellanas) A bit of a mixed up day around the Northern coast.  Tamarindo saw some really great waves early around mid tide, looking clean and peeling.  Avellnas and Tamarindo had winds flipping on and offshore making for some rather choppy, unpredictable waves.  In Tamarindo we saw some short period waves bouncing around making for a difficult read.  There were still some fun rides in the chest high range if you were ready for it. Swell is going to be dropping off in advance of next weeks monster.  Things should bottom out around waist high on Tuesday [&hellip post