The World's Best Surf Guide for Surfing in Tamarindo

Capitán Suizo

Located on the south end of Tamarindo, this unique wave offers wedie lefts and rights and can even be fun for advanced surfers on a big swell. With its unique orientation and protective point to the south, Capitán Suizo can be glassy while other spots are blown out
Nice little left breaking at Capitan Suizo, Playa Tamarindo

Isla Capitán

Are you a kamikaze surfer looking for adventure and raw ocean power? Isla Capitán is a deep water surf spot right offshore of Tamarindo that offers a long, pinwheeling left hander and a cyclops style right hand slab that you would hesitate to even mindsurf.
Isla Capitán surf spot - Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Henry's Right

A fickle right hander that turns on with a solid NW swell. This right hander offers a quick barrel takeoff to a nice walled up line for wrapping turns.
An empty wave breaking across Henry's Right, Playa Tamarindo

Henry's Left

A fickle wave that can be really fun with the right conditions. This wave breaks over shallow rocks and offers racey left handers with very few surfers.
A mushy left breaking across Henry's left, Tamarindo

Pico Grande

Tamarindo’s premier slab wave reserved for advanced surfers. When the swell gets big, this wave can offer a quick, intense ride with a behind-the-rock takeoff.
Big bomb at Pico Grande, Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Pico Pequeño

Just inside of Pico Grande is it’s little brother, Pico Pequeño. This is Tamarindo’s ultimate novelty wave. Imagine a white water roll in to fast, wedging shorebreak. The Tamarindo groms love this spot.
Inside ramp at Pico Pequeño, Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo Beach Break

Are you looking for the best beginner beach in Costa Rica? Tamarindo’s beach break is ideal if you’re looking to learn the fundamentals in a safe environment.
Nice section breaking across Playa Tamarindo

Tamarindo Rivermouth

The rivermouth in Tamarindo can get good… VERY GOOD. When all the elements align, you will find 200 meter cylindrical right-hand barrels over a shallow sandbar breaking right in front of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.
Tamarindo Rivermouth doing it's thing


A semi-secret wave with a local vibe and fun, mellow surf. Casitas offers an A-frame peak for all levels and the surf craft of your choice.
Casitas surf break | Playa Grande, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Palm Beach

Looking avoid the agro crowds and catch a mellow session with your buddies? Palm Beach in Playa Grande offers fun, sizable waves in the center of this beautiful white-sand beach.

Playa Grande (main peak)

Famous for offshore winds, open lines, and double-up barrel sections, Playa Grande’s main peak holds it’s reputation as one of the best waves in Costa Rica. This spot can get crowded, but just be respectful, show that you rip, and you will do fine.
Frontside hack surfing at Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Las Palmeras

Located in northern Playa Grande, Las Palmeras is a beachbreak that offers fun waves for surfers of all levels. Surfers and beach goers alike enjoy this location for the shady palm trees that line the beach along with the and mellow surf crowd.
Crouching into a nice little tub at Las Palmeras, Playa Grande - surfing Costa Rica

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