The World’s Best Guide for Surfing in Tamarindo


J. Walsh deep at Tamarindo Rivermouth

We all love surfing Tamarindo beach because it’s close, it’s convenient, it’s fun, and the waves are consistent. Whether it’s the left in front of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp or the fast barreling right in the rivermouth, there’s usually always something breaking. If for some reason those spots aren’t pumping, you can always hit up Pico Pequeno, Pico Grande, or Capitan Suizo. There are tons of options. Take your pick!

Sometimes, you get the itch to get out, check out other breaks, and challenge your surfing. Lucky for us, Tamarindo is central to many other killer surf breaks. In fact, there are at least five other easily accessible surf breaks within an hour’s car ride. Playa Grande, Playa Langosta, Playa Avellanas, Playa Negra, and Playa Marbella all offer their own unique waves with varying difficulty.

Here is the low down on the following spots:

Playa Grande: A big and beautiful beach directly north of Tamarindo that boasts consistently solid waves. It’s more of an intermediate to advanced spot with fast breaking waves, but also has numerous peaks so you can stay away from the crowds. This spot is definitely a local favorite.

Playa Langosta: Just south of Tamarindo, this wave packs a little bit more of a punch, and can be really fun at high tide. There are lots of rocks and fast currents at this break, so make sure you are cautious when surfing here.

Playa Avellanas: A gorgeous beach with waves that can be anywhere from beginner to advanced-intermediate depending on the swell. There are a few spots to surf there. In front of Lola’s Restaurant and Palo Seco is where you will find gentler peeling sets. Continue further north up the beach towards the river mouth for more of a punch. Beyond the river mouth is the infamous reef break of Little Hawaii- you take a guess why it has that name. Little Hawaii is a great spot for the advanced when it’s firing.

Playa Avellanas

Playa Negra: Reef break and an awesome right. It’s a pretty narrow peak so on top of having to keep an eye out for rocks, always be respectful and be observant of proper surf etiquette. Playa Negra can be a tight squeeze with just the locals out there, so be cool and patient when you add to the crowd waiting for the waves.

Playa Marbella: A beach break further south with a strong, heavy wave that can and will put you through the washing machine. Paddling out past the break can be a bit arduous, but once you catch that face, it is definitely worth it. For sure an advanced break.


Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your comments on any of these spots. Pura Vida!



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