Surf Report for Sunday, August 21st 2011

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Tamarindo A beautiful day out today with waves picking up a little from yesterday.  Shape this morning nice with some solid rights and great lefts.  Winds were solid offshore, with most waves in the waist high range with some occasional shoulder sets. The swell should continue to pick up throughout today but as of around 10:30 the wind had turned onshore and as of now, with the tide still moving out there’s not much going on.  The swell is looking like it will hit somewhere in the neighborhood of shoulder high tomorrow and then stay fairly stable between chest and [&hellip post

Surf Report for Monday, August 15th 2011

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Tamarindo/Las Palmeras (Photos Playa Grande-Las Palmeras) Another big day around the Northern Coast.   Tamarindo started the day fairly decent with some waist to chest high sets looking  glassy but closing fast.  Waves started to stay open a little longer as we came up on 9 but the wind switched leaving the waves choppy and crumbling fast.  There wasn’t too much to be excited about until late in the afternoon when the wind began to calm down and the waves began to break a little better.  There were some decent lefts and a couple of rights coming out of the [&hellip post

Surf Report for Sunday, August 14th 2011


Tamarindo Another big day here in Tamarindo.  Sets on the Main Break were solid head high with some kicking up a couple feet over.  Winds stayed pretty good in the morning with a bit of afternoon chop. Sunset rain cleaned up the water but the closeouts outweighed the open shoulders. Today´s revised forecast was showing overhead, tomorrow shows that we should see the swell drop into the 5-7 foot range.  Eventually we should see some drop but the ocean isn´t giving up this swell so easy. High Tide for Monday at 3:42am/3:56pm Low at 9:47am/10:02pm Time of Post 8:30pm Local [&hellip post

Surf Report for Saturday, August 13th 2011


Tamarindo Heavy waves rolling in today.  With the winds staying onshore for a good portion of the day, most of the waves came in fat and crumbling.  The swell was definitely there with shoulder to head and some occasional 2 foot overhead. Tomorrow we should see the swell begin to tapper off slowly.  Still in the Overhead range but not pushing double overhead. High Tide for Sunday at 3:03am/3:17pm Low at 9:07am/9:25pm Time of Post 6:42pm Local Time post

Surf Report for Friday, August 12th 2011

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Tamarindo Right now waves are coming in waist to chest high with occasional head high.  Winds have calmed and conditions glassy with overcast skies. The swell should be peaking  late today and early tomorrow and while we didn’t see a whole lot of size here in Tama the nearby south facing beaches were seeing well overhead.  After noon tomorrow the swell will begin to  drop but still maintain overhead. High Tide for Saturday at 2:19am/2:43pm Low at 8:24am/8:46pm Time of Post 4:01pm post

Surf Report for Monday, August 8th 2011

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Tamarindo (Photos Las Palmeras) Today we saw the swell drop off a bit.  The waves never broke chest high with conditions turning from glassy to fair/choppy around 11am.  The River Mouth did see a few sets come in early but there was a very small window in the Mouth.  Things never really picked up for the rest of the day with only a little action late in the day at the River Mouth. Tomorrow should be picking up a little although the conditions may not be ideal.  Getting out early may be your best bet. High Tide for Tuesday at [&hellip post

Surf Report for Sunday, August 7th 2011s

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Tamarindo Nice Morning out front with 3-4 foot and clean.  There were a few standout head high with only a handful of people out in the line up to take them. Right now the river mouth is trying to get going but there hasn´t been a whole lot materializing.  The Main is small and closing.  The tide is still moving in and the winds are beginning to calm down so conditions may improve soon.  There is a small crowd forming up out in the rivermouth.  Today´s remaining High Tide at 9:03pm. Predictions for the week are still between shoulder and [&hellip post