21: Buying Real Estate In Tamarindo


WARNING. We didn’t actually talk about surfing in this episode!

I get a lot of emails from podcast listeners and I get asked often from surf camp guests and from friends and family with questions about moving here to Costa Rica, buying property here, building a house here, general questions about relocating, setting up a business, sending kids to school, retiring here, etc.

I get it, and I want to help support your dreams of surfing as many great waves as possible and living an amazing life. I found what I was looking for here in Costa Rica, and maybe you will too. But matter what, it’s always good to know what’s possible on the other side.

I am not a realtor, but my sister in law Katie Meyers is. She’s lived in Tamarindo for the past 15 years and she’s a straight shooter, so I invited her and Jim Reily, the owner of Trade Wind Properties here in Tamarindo, to give us some answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about buying real estate in Tamarindo.

Pura vida!
Joe Walsh

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