Witch's Rock Surf Camp cancellation policy

We know how special each and every surf trip is for our guests, so we do our best to work with everybody’s individual needs, wants and circumstances. With that in mind, once the decision has been made to book a trip and your first deposit has been received, we stand firmly by our cancellation policy. We only have 20 rooms, so canceling a trip last-minute impacts us greatly. Just as important is the fact that once a surf package/room is booked, that surf spot becomes unavailable for someone who would have booked otherwise.

Please note that a cancellation by our definition is canceling the reservation completely, the need to reschedule the dates of stay, moving dates slightly and/or taking out surf packages.


  • No partial refunds or credits will be given for unused services such as hotel rooms, surf lessons or trips. Our trips are quoted as a package; credits are not given for services not used.

  • If you cancel a reservation that was partially paid with a credit, this credit will not be applicable for a future reservation. (The credit is revoked)

  • No exceptions are made to our cancellation policy for any reason.

  • No refunds will be given for any reason.

Thank you very much for understanding!

Important Information Regarding our Booking and Cancellation Policy

1. Make sure we have room:
Before you commit yourself to airfare for a certain date, call us or verify by email there is still availability for your prospective trip. During busy periods we can receive several reservations on the same day. Do not assume you have a room reserved or you are confirmed until we have received your credit card information and sent out your reservation confirmation.
Once a deposit is received, or a reservation is made on behalf of a guest by an agent, any cancellations or transfers are subject to fees listed here. So wait to make the initial deposit until you are absolutely sure that you can make it.

2. Travel Insurance:
If you are concerned about a financial loss due to your late cancellation it is always recommended to purchase travel insurance to avoid any kind of loss. Please consult online, with your bank or through your local travel agency for an affordable travel insurance that could cover last minute cancellations, and / or any medical injuries that could occur while in Costa Rica.

3. Late arrival or departure:
Any conditions out of our control that delay your arrival or departure may add to your cost; all extra charges caused by delays (late luggage, extra flights, or catching up with a trip in progress) or any variations from the itinerary (early departure, evacuation) will be at your expense. Another reason why purchasing cheap travel insurance is in your best interest.

4. Injury or medical condition during your stay with Witch’s Rock Surf Camp:
Surfing is an active sport that comes with the risk of injury. In case of injury, we do not offer credits for any unused portion of the surf program. We have clinics, ambulances and hospitals all very close and we are able to assist in any emergency. We are not held responsible for any injuries that could occur during your stay with us. Another reason why finding affordable travel insurance is also very important.

5. In case of needing to cancel, modifying or reschedule your reservation:
If you have reserved a trip and find that you can’t attend, you need to reschedule dates, take a guest out from your party, please contact our Reservations Office immediately (1-888-318-7873).

You have until 7 days prior to your arrival to cancel your reservation and still receive a credit, less a cancellation fee.
Cancellation fees are determined by the amount of notice given. Fees are listed below:

If we receive notice of cancellation / date change, the following cancellation fees applies:

  • +90 days before arrival: the fee is $100
  • 89-61 days: the fee is $150
  • 60-31 days:the fee is $250
  • 31-8 days: the fee is $400
  • Within a week of your arrival date: No credits or refunds of any kind

Any cancellations made from 7 days to arrival date, we do not make any exceptions on giving credits to reschedule at a later day. Once the cancellation fee has been determined, it will be subtracted from the amount you have paid us and the remaining balance will be the amount that you have to use towards your next trip that you reschedule at a more convenient time.

Again, in case of a cancellation, please contact our Reservations Office (1-888-318-7873) as soon as possible, and they will provide you with the final details of the cancellation.

You may sell your reserved trip to another person you recruit at any time. In this case, please inform our reservations office so that the credit amount is changed to the new person’s name.