24: International Surfing Day, Kiribati, and The Beach Parking Lot

Saturday June 15th 2019 was International Surfing Day, though everyday should be Surfing Day I think. We didn’t have any guests for this episode, it was just me, PMAC, and Niki hanging out and talking surf. I think you’ll enjoy!

Who invented International Surfing Day? What ever happened to Surfing Magazine? Who is Steve Bigler and what did he tell me about Hollister Ranch? Where the hell is Fanning Island and why would you ever go there? What makes your local surf spot’s parking lot so damn special anyways?

Happy Fathers Day all you surfing dads out there, I hope you’re shredding the gnar. I look forward to surfing with you down here in Tamarindo. Pura vida – Joe Walsh

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