42: Bring Your Booties: A British Surf Adventure

Joe and Niki threw destiny to the Wheel Of Waves and so this week’s episode comes from the beautiful coasts of England! Niki shows Joe around his native land, they take in a couple of cold surfs, culinary treats and drive the length and breadth of the Southwest peninsula.

Sit back and relax as we discuss being unprepared for colder temps, the best time of the year to surf England, and what to do when the waves are flat. We also ask local surfers in the parking lot for some of that invaluable “insider knowledge” and what motivates them to surf in these colder conditions.

Plus Joe has a near heart attack as we drive down old narrow country roads in the search of waves, while figuring out if the boys are real surfers or have just gotten soft from surfing too long in tropical paradise. Put on your 5:4 wetsuit and enjoy the show!

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