44: Visiting Witch’s Rock Surf Camp In Tamarindo



Hi there, this is Joe Walsh from the Get Out and Surf Podcast.

I want to make a disclaimer about this week’s episode. After 44 episodes of Get Out and SURF, I’ve gone out of my way to be as objective as possible and to not be promotional at all. I mean really, you’re not listening to this podcast to be marketed to, and I’m not doing this podcast to sell you anything.

Yes its true that Witch’s Rock Surf Camp produces this podcast, and in full disclosure, I’m the founder and owner of the camp.

But this podcast really has very little to do with the surf camp and everything to do with the passion we all share for surfing. Since our first episode on January 4th, we’ve had some fun banter, we’ve conducted some very interesting interviews, we’ve traveled to far away places, and we’ve covered lots of content about Costa Rica and everything else surf.

But this week it’s going to be a little different. After being asked over and over again “What’s it like at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp?”, “When’s the best time to go?”, “How do I get there?”, “What else is there to do?”, etc, I figured we owed at least one episode to try and answer these questions.

So, I sat down with Shawna Mullen, Julie Javelle, and Daniella Ortiz, three very lovely ladies from the Witch’s Rock Surf Camp reservations office to ask them all of the most frequent questions from prospective travelers interested in coming to Tamarindo and Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.

For more information about Witch’s Rock Surf Camp:
1-888-318-7873 (SURF)

Get ready for next week as Niki, PMAC, and myself will all be back together again right here in beautiful Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Questions/comments for the show? Don’t hesitate to email us at getoutandsurfcr@gmail.com

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