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Help support the most affected families in the Tamarindo area in this time of need. This Donation Basket is an approximate 1-month supply of food and household items. Donation Baskets are prepared and delivered within one week of your placed order. All donations are tax deductible and there is no sales tax required. Cash donations of any amount can also be made to this program, and we’ll take care of getting the food to those who need it most.
Included in this Donation Basket:
  • 8 Bags of rice (14.4 kg)
  • 4 Bags of beans (2 kg)
  • Sugar (1 kg)
  • Coffee (500 g)
  • Oatmeal (700 g)
  • Corn Meal (1 kg)
  • Cooking Oil (1 L)
  • Pasta (4 pkts)
  • Mayonnaise (200 g)
  • Salt (500 g)
  • Milk (8 L)
  • Toilet paper (10 rolls)
  • Large tube toothpaste
  • Laundry Detergent (2 kg)
  • Dish scrub
  • Dishwashing Paste

Call To Make A Donation: 1-888-319-7873

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  • Donation baskets are $100/each. You may purchase/donate as many baskets as you like. Please let us know in the field below if there's someone in particular you'd like us to donate to, otherwise all donations will be given to surf camp employees and neighbors that need them most. Cash donations of ANY AMOUNT are also greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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