Give the gift of surf with a Custom Board

We´re having fun perfecting our skills at board making.  Don´t expect us to start cranking ´em out on a mass scale any time soon – but if you want a custom shape and graphics, we can pull it off and get you a sweet ride.

This board was a surprise gift from Femke to her husband Ruud, two awesome guests who have been staying at the camp with us for several weeks.

She worked with us to come up with this 7´6″ funboard shape based on the boards Ruud had enjoyed surfing during his visit.  Femke also wanted his initials and a custom paint job, so we enlisted the help of Soledad, a local artist, to complete the surprise.

Now Ruud is tearing it up in style.  He´s only been surfing for a month and he´s clearly hooked.

We really enjoyed making this board for a really cool couple.

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