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Hey Folks,

Although it has been a couple of months since my last trip I wanted to write to you with a testimonial about the intermediate tours. Maybe you can use it on the website. If not, hopefully this will just serve as a compliment from a satisfied customer. Please pass this along to Joe, Yana, Flash and the rest of the gang. Also, always know…I LOVE YOU GUYS.

After 2 prior trips to WRSC I was looking to up the degree of difficulty a bit and for perhaps a little more adventure. Don’t get me wrong, the waves out front of the camp are great but I wanted to mix it up a bit; so I consulted with the guy that I now look at as my own personal WRSC surf guide not to mention a good friend…Flash

Immediately Flash said to step up to the intermediate tours. I, as usual, was concerned whether I had the ability. He put me at ease with the usual “Siiiii…bro” and told me he would be right by my side every step of the way. So the next morning, at 0600 I was on the van headed to some unknown destination so exited I couldn’t see straight!

-Flash & friends-


What followed was a week of adventure with trips to Avelllanas, Marbella and what has come to become my favorite spot…La Finca. Great waves, great new friends and an experience I will never forget.

Bottom line: the most epic week of surfing of my life not to mention a closer bonding experience with the small group that is with you on the intermediate tours.

This new program is absolutely awesome! Make sure that the intermediate tours are here to stay.

Perhaps just as important is making sure you keep Flash as the leader of that program. In my opinion he makes the program happen and without him it just wouldn’t work. He is a key component because he just has a special way of making you feel comfortable both in and out of the water. In the water, no matter what your ability he puts you at ease. For the surfers just making the transition from beginner status, he paddled out with them to give the necessary support and safety even when it got a little heavy. For others like me just looking to get better and try new maneuvers he gave the specific tips needed to help us do what we were trying to do (for me it was trying “floaters” and making better backside turns) and was the biggest cheerleader when we pulled it off.

Out of the water, he just makes you feel comfortable with Costa Rica. Even when the van is heading somewhere that looks a little dicey, Flash assures you that it is safe and that it will be fun…and he is always right!

Thanks to Flash and all of you that are so good at what you do. You can always count on me for my annual trip down there and hopefully, work permitting, more then that it in the future.

Until I see you next

Best Regards!


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