Surf Report for Friday, July 1st 2011

Playa Grande (Bula Bula)

Took a run north today up to Bula Bula in Playa Grande.  Waves were decent early, around 11am, with the tide still fairly low.  There were a few knee to waist high sets and some shape that was ok all be it on the mushy side.  Around noon, with the tide filling in and the winds turning onshore, there wasn´t much of a break to speak of.  The swell wasn´t carrying enough to make the break.  Once we returned to Tamarindo close to 2pm the winds had died down considerably with some clean small waves coming through.  We never really saw anything get above waist high for the remainder of the day but if you were on a longboard there was a bit of fun to be had.

For Saturday we should see the swell picking up significantly with chest to shoulder predicted coming out of the S and SSW.  Winds will hopefully stay favorable until afternoon with conditions turning fair to choppy as the wind turns.

High Tide for Tomorrow at 3:23am/3:33pm

Low at 9:18am/9:45pm

Time of Post 9:06pm Local Time

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