Surf Report for Friday, March 11th 2011 (Afternoon/Evening)


After noon today we spent quit a bit of time watching the white caps with the winds moving heavley sideshore/onshore.   Around 3 the wind flipped back offshore and the water began to clean up significantly.

At 4 pm when the ¨Tsunami¨ reached our shore line there was not enough energy left for it to make any noticeable difference in the waves.  There did seem to be a bit shorter period between waves but that is purely the way it felt and not necessarily actual fact.  Winds were pretty heavy offshore and wave height was good around stomach high.  The swell did flatten out considerably as we neared sunset.

For tomorrow we should be seeing smaller waves in the morning.  Around knee to waist high in Tamarindo with offshore winds and clean conditions for the morning.  The wind is predicted to start turning around noon and stay cross shore or onshore for the rest of the day.  The waves may pick up a little size the the afternoon but that may be negated by winds and conditions.

High Tide for Saturday will be at 7:30am/7:48pm

Low tide at 1:15am/1:25pm

Time of Post 7:42pm Local time

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