Surf Report for Friday, March 11th 2011(Morning)

Playa Grande (Las Palmas) photos

This morning there were good waves in Grande with sets coming in around waist high off of the main break.  The main break was coming in just about head high.  Winds were calm and staying offshore with very clean conditions.  In the Early morning Tamarindo was looking quit good as well with offshore winds, glassy conditions, and sets coming in between waist and stomach high.  Currently in Tamarindo the winds have shifted onshore and just after low tide there isn´t much happening in the water right now other than some chop.

This afternoon the swell should be dropping with winds mainly side shore, But….

PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  The Tsunami that hit Japan early this morning is expected to reach northern Costa Rica around 4pm Local time.  This DOES NOT mean that we are expecting anything near the magnitude that was seen in Japan but we might feel some of the wave energy reaching the coast.   All that said, we are under a Tsunami warning, please keep track of your local conditions and warnings before getting into the water.

If you would like further information on the Tsunami visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Honshu Tsunami website at

Time of post 1:22pm local time

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