Surf Report for Monday, April 4th 2011


We had some really nice conditions this morning.  Not exactly epic but the water was glassy and the winds were calm and staying steady offshore.  Water was a little on the chilly side with  waves in the chest high range with the occasional head high.  Winds flipped onshore just before noon and stayed that way for an hour or so before moving sideshore out of the south.  Waves for the afternoon were mostly in the chest high range with some standout head high.  On towards sunset closeouts were the dominant condition until the sun went down.

Tuesday we won´t be seeing much of those occasional head high waves that we saw today with the swell dropping to around shoulder high max.  We´ll see the winds flip just before 12 in a repeat of todays conditions.

High Tide for Tomorrow will be at 3:57am/4:08pm

Low Tide at 9:52am/10:18pm

Time of Post 7:44pm Local Time.

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