Surf Report for Monday, July 18th 2011


The waves were building today although we never quit got to the predicted size.  The morning was fairly good, clean waist high sets with some chest high standouts.  While things looked a bit crazy from the shore, out in the water the waves were great.

With the tide dropping there wasn´t a whole lot out but around 9am there were a few sets that rolled through in the waist high range that were hollow and steep.  The current was a little rough and the winds didn´t do  a whole lot to smooth out the water but it was still pretty fun with only a handful of people out in the water.

Close to sunset is when some decent size began rolling in but the water was textured at best.  The shape was pretty good and there were some empty waves that needed a rider.

For Tuesday the reports are calling for waves in the 4-6ft range out of the S and SW.  The swell is on it´s way down so the morning tomorrow is definitely the time to get out.  Conditions should be clean in the morning with the wind switching up in the early afternoon bringing semi choppy conditions in with it.

High Tide for Tuesday at 5:28am/5:41pm

Low at 11:31am/11:45pm

Time of Post 9:03pm Local Time

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