Surf Report for Monday, June 27th 2011


It was a much cleaner day out on the Main break today.  Some of the mud had cleaned up by the early morning and the winds were staying steady offshore early.   Waves were reaching shoulder high and the River Mouth was working a little early.  Around 10:30 the winds began to twist around shutting down the River Mouth and leaving the Main in a less than glassy state.  The Main did continue to work some what through the middle of the afternoon with brief periods of shape followed by a mixture of chop and disorganization.  The winds were never able to kick back  offshore giving us only the occasional good ride at sunset.

For Tuesday forecasts are calling for the waves to take yet another dip in size.   Starting the day out in the shoulder to head high range and ending the day with head high.  Winds should be moderate offshore in the morning and calm to moderate moving sideshore/onshore from the early afternoon on.  Conditions should follow the wind with clean in the AM and fair in the PM.

High Tide for Tuesday will be at 12:19am/12:30pm

Low Tide at 6:04am/6:51pm

Time of Post 11:20pm Local Time.

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