Surf Report for Monday, March 7th 2011 (Afternoon/Evening)


The rest of the day was comparatively ok.  The winds kicked onshore/sideshore fairly early in the day and stayed that way through sunset.  The winds did not completely crush the waves but there was some definite chop in the water.  We did see some sets come in around 1pm that managed some decent size in the waist to chest high range.

For tomorrow we are looking at the same pattern as today.  Smaller and Clean in the morning with larger sets coming in the afternoon along with choppy conditions and onshore winds.  Not too much to be super excited for this week with the exception of some contribution to the swell coming in from the WNW later on this week  which should improve the conditions here in Tamarindo at least moderately.

High Tide for Tomorrow will be at 4:58am/5:13pm

Low Tide at 10:54am/11:20pm

Time of Post 7:37 pm Local Time

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