Surf Report for Saturday, June 11th 2011


A quiet day out on the Main break today.  Winds were holding light offshore until around 11am.    Waves in the early morning peaked around shoulder high with some decent shape but there was a significant amount of closeouts.  After the winds kicked onshore the waves tamped down and were hovering around knee high for most of the afternoon.   At sunset the wind nearly stopped releasing the waves and allowing them straighten up a bit more but they continued to break best for long boards.

For Sunday we are looking at the waves dropping a bit to around shoulder high still being generated out of the SW and SSW.  Winds should stay mostly light to moderate moving sideshore/offshore.  Clean for most of the day with some small patches of bumps.

Hight tide for Sunday at 11:18am/11:54pm

Low at 4:48am/5:38pm

Time of Post 9:50pm Local Time

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