Surf Report for Sunday, April 15th 2012

Sunny conditions and nice offshore wind until noon today the conditions in Avellanas were pretty decent. The wave was a little small compared with yesterday but open rides ( left and right) and still barreling. Good Sunday day to be with friends or family and having a good time down there. The size was 2ft to 4ft on the set perfect to make good trick and made the morning surfing in Avellanas.


Cristian Local Surfer



Try Local Surfer




Indy Local Surfer




Avellanas Wave



Local Surfer



Tourist Surfer

High Tide for Monday: 11:20 7.75 ft, 23:48 7.41 ft

Low Tide for Monday: 04:54 1.22 ft, 17:35 1.36 ft

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