Surf Report for Sunday, April 17th 2011


Today was definitely a long board kind of a day.  By 9:30 the winds had already shifted onshore and most of the waves were coming in around the knees.  Despite the less than ideal conditions the waves were still maintaining some shape and there were some fun rides out at the main break.  Once we got to high tide conditions remained similar but the wave size increased to waist to stomach high.

For Monday it´s looking like the swell will start building with some chest high in the morning.  Unfortunatley the wind will be shifting onshore by noon bringing with it some choppy conditions.  The swell will continue to build throughout the day so we may see some waves overcoming the wind and cracking shoulder high by sunset.

High Tide for tomorrow will be at 2:27am/2:47pm

with Low Tide at 8:28am/9:01pm

Time of Post 7:35pm Local Time.

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