Surf Report for Sunday, April 3rd 2011 (Afternoon/Evening)


Just after this mornings post with predictions looking good for wind and water conditions things promptly went in the opposite direction.  The wind turned hard onshore and the chop in the water was pretty rough.

Thankfully that only lasted about 45min as the wind gradually turned side shore and the conditions cleaned up.  They waves also gained in size and by 3pm the head high sets were rolling in.  The consistent head high sets only lasted a short period though and while we did see some head high throughout the rest of the afternoon it was only on occasion.  By sunset the wind had turned back offshore but the waves were closing.

Monday we should be seeing waves chest to head high for the day with semi-glassy conditions in the morning and the afternoon onshore will most likely make an appearance.  Fair to choppy conditions for the afternoon and evening.

High Tide for Monday will be at 3:22am/3:34pm

Low Tide at 9:18am/9:34pm

Time of Post 6:46pm Local Time.

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