Surf Report for Sunday, February 27th 2011 (Afternoon/Evening)


Things were a little strange around here today.  Right around 9:30am the wind kicked onshore and stayed pretty stong for about 45min.  The wind then turned hard offshore and it started raining.  There were many people wandering around with looks of confusion and disbelief.  Other than the brief onshore wind and head scratching rain, the waves were pretty good in the late morning and early afternoon.  Nothing of great size but there was some nice shape and conditions were fairly clean.  Towards sunset the river mouth started working a little bit, unfortunately the waves were a little too small and closing a little too fast.

For tomorrow we will have a small bump up the swell.  Winds will be coming out of the NNE moving mainly side shore to offshore here in Tamarindo.  Conditions should stay mostly clean with predictions calling for shoulder high waves.  We´ll probably see mostly waist high in our area.

High Tide for Monday will be at 11:46am

Low Tide at 5:24am/5:52pm

Time of Post 7:38pm Local Time.

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