Surf Report for Sunday, June 19th 2011

Tamarindo Main Break

Swell was definitely on the way down today.  Early morning was good with moderate offshore winds and glassy conditions.  There were several nice lefts peeling off between waist and chest high.  Things stayed pretty decent until around 10 when the wave went away and the winds began to turn.  At low tide we didn´t really see much happening.

In the Afternoon the winds had fully turned onshore and the break got choppy and a little disorganized.  Around 5 the clouds finally let loose some of the rain they had been threatening all day and the rain seemed to beat the chop out of the water.  Things stayed super glassy but pretty small, around knee to waist high, until the sun had set.

For tomorrow we should see the swell hit bottom before it rapidly climbs back up on Tuesday.   For the morning we should see clean conditions in the shoulder high range, with wave height and conditions deteriorating in the afternoon to just over chest and choppy.    Tuesday we will most likely be seeing overhead early so be ready.

High Tide for Monday at 5:56am/6:09pm

Low at 11:59am

Time of Post 8:18pm Local Time

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