Surf Report for Sunday, November 6th 2011


A nice Sunday day because the sun was all day and making a hot day but still fun to go to the beach a surf at the river mouth was really good early on the morning making some barrel with a offshore wind and head high wave and then around 11:30 am the wind change to onshore but was the matter because you have more options to do on the beach in a beautiful day and finish with amazing sunset, good day to spend with friends or family in Tamarindo.


Tamarindo River Mouth




Camila The Next Pro Surfer Girl




Having Fun in Tamarindo




Ruben Local Surfer




Tamarindo Style




Tamarindo Wave




Guest Student




Tamarindo Sunset


High Tide for Monday: 00:08 a.m. 8.03 ft, 12:35 p.m. 7.43 ft

Low Tide for Monday: 06:27 a.m. 1.50 ft, 18:34 p.m. 1.63 ft


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