Surf Report for Sunday, September 18th 2011


Beautiful skies this morning but the waves weren’t quit on par with the scenery.  The waves came in mostly in the knee high range with the bigger sets reaching waist high.  Winds were calm for most of the morning with a gentle breeze blowing offshore until around 11am when they moved around and stayed soft onshore.

The waves died out as the tide pulled out with conditions staying fairly clean even with the onshores.  Things started to turn around about 3pm just after the rain slowed up.  Conditions turned glassy and there were a few really nice waves rolling through.  There wasn’t much consistency until around 4:30 when things started staying open a little longer.  Waves never reached much over waist to stomach high with the exception of a single clean out wave that rolled through around head high.

With any luck, predictions will hold up and a little swell will manage to roll through tomorrow bringing in some shoulder high waves.  It will have some short period swell mixed in with some long period, so we may have to wait and see exactly what conditions turn out to be.

High Tide for Monday at 6:46am/7:17pm

Low Tide at 12:26am/12:59pm

Time of Post 9:00pm Local Time

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