Surf Report for Thurday, April 28th 2011


Pretty tough day out on the waves today.  Wind had switched onshore by 8:30 leaving not much hope for clean conditions.  There was some decent size, around chest high, that came in during the early afternoon but not much seemed to be working as most everything was crumbling and closing out.  In the early evening towards sunset we had some welcome rain which cooled things down on the beach.  The river mouth gave up some decent rides just after low tide but the rest of the break was unorganized at best.

For tomorrow we should see things cleaning up a bit with shoulder high expected throughout the day with winds staying offshore for the A.M. and side shore in the afternoon.  Conditions in the morning will be clean and fair conditions for the afternoon.

High Tide for Friday at 12:03am and 12:26pm

Low Tide at 6:05am/6:43pm

Time of Post 9:20pm Local Time.

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