Surf Report for Thursday, February 23th 2012

Surf Report for Thursday, February 23th 2012

February 23, 2012

Great day to be surfing in Tamarindo because this morning the river mouth making overhead sizes waves and offshore conditions. The afternoon was a little ward job to everyone with side shore wind but the left was the best choice to surf at front to the parking lot and pico grande made some decent right. Playa Grande was good too with some 7ft on the set just the wind don’t help at all but still fun to surf and make good tricks.


Saba Local Surfer



Gerald Surf Guy



Tamarindo Wave



Guest Student



WRSC Guest and Instructs



Tamarindo Sunset


High Tide for Friday: 04:20 AM 8.92 ft, 04:41 PM 9.28 ft

Low Tide for Friday: 10:23 AM −0.28 ft, 10:47 PM −0.07 ft

New Moon

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