Surf Report for Wednesday, January 11th 2012

The conditions for today was really good at witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point because the wind still offshore all day and making great size in both place but Ollie’s make shoulder size and a really nice right waves.

Witch’s Rock was “on fire” making good barrels over and over and good day to be there. The decision a  was the big question because no matter left or right  both sides was good options to be to made a perfect barrel.







Brazilian Surfer




Brazilian Surfer




Boogie Boarder




Hajjar Brazilian Surfer



Mayra Brazilian Surfer




Brazilian Surfer

High Tide for Thursday: 04:41 a.m. 9.23 ft, 17:08 p.m. 9.40 ft

Low Tide for Thursday: 10:48 a.m. −0.34 ft, 23:10n p.m. 0.10 ft

Full Moon

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