Surf Report for Thursday, June 16th 2011


A pretty great day out on the Main break today.  Things started off a little slow, with some fairly small waist and under set coming in around 8am.  By 10 things were picking up but a somewhat unexpected onshore wind began pushing hard throwing the break into some choppy conditions and a rather unorganized state.  Around noon with rain coming down pretty heavy the winds eased up and the swell began to bring something to the break.  Some head high waves were  passing through with most breaking around stomach to shoulder high.   By sunset with the rain subsiding and the winds pushing a little harder offshore the waves took on some really nice shape with some smaller rights working and lefts running off shoulder to head high into the River Mouth.

For Friday we should be seeing another slight drop in the SW swell with waves coming in between chest and shoulder high on south facing beaches.   Winds should keep conditions in the morning clean but may make the afternoon a bit choppy at best.

High Tide for Friday at 3:35am/3:50pm

Low at 9:35am/10:04pm

Time of Post 9:52pm Local Time

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