Surf Report for Thursday, June 2nd 2011


A mixed bag of waves out in Tama today.  This morning was quite with very little coming in by way of waves.  Winds were quite and offshore with glassy conditions but not a whole lot to be ridden.

Closer to high tide, in the early afternoon, we saw some sets coming in shoulder to head high but with the winds turning heavy side shore anything above shoulder high closed down rapidly.  Conditions became fairly choppy with the strong winds and most ridable sets were in the waist to chest high range.

Things did clean up at sunset with the glass coming back into the water.  The size though, did not stick around for the calm winds and we saw mostly waist high.

For Friday predictions are calling for waves chest to shoulder out of the SSW and WSW.  Conditions in the AM should be good with glassy waters and light offshore.  In the afternoon the winds will gain a little strength coming in moderate onshore.  Conditions will deteriorate in the early to mid afternoon.

High Tide for Friday at 3:46am/3:54pm

Low Tide at 9:38am/10:07pm

Time of Post 8:03pm

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