Surf Report for Thursday, March 24th 2011 (Afternoon/Evening)


By noon today the winds had shifted and were moving onshore.  Wave size remained pretty constant and may have even gotten a bit bigger into the afternoon with some consistent head high rolling in from 2 pm until 5pm.  The winds did eventually move to side shore and by sunset they had calmed to a gentle breeze.  Conditions for the PM were a bit choppy but nothing too devastating.

Friday we should see another clean morning with glassy conditions, offshore winds, and waves staying in the chest to head high range.  Swell should be dropping off throughout the day with conditions in water, as well as winds, turning less than perfect by the early afternoon.

High Tide for tomorrow will be at 6:53am/7:15pm

Low Tide at 12:35am/12:53pm

Time of Post 6:22pm Local Time

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