Surf Report for Thursday, May 10th 2012

A lot a people today on the beach having fun Surfing, Playing Bally ball or just hang out with friends and the conditions still onshore in the afternoon and made the waves sometime close up and choppy. With some shoulder to head high sizes Tamarindo today was fun for the longboarders to ride nice right and shortboarders  do fun tricks. Pico pequeno make some open rides but at front to the parking lot was the best option to surf today.







Happy WRSC Staff




Guest Student




Tourist Surfer




Flash and Karine Having fun.




Tamarindo Wave


High Tide for Friday: 06:43 9.06 ft, 18:07 9.44 ft

Low Tide for Friday: 00:20 −0.49 ft, 12:47 0.38 ft

Full Moon

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