Surf Report for Thursday, May 26th 2011


Storms were about today with rains coming and going.  Waves started off very small, in the 1-2 foot range with not much in the way of shape or organization.  The winds were running light onshore.  Around 8 we landed over in Pachotes to see what was happening there.  Waves were a bit bigger in the knee to waist range but the conditions weren´t any better and the waves seemed to be flattening out as quickly as they came up.

Around 9:30, shortly after a heavy down pour, the winds kicked around and cleaned up the water considerably.  The waves were still lacking organization but at least it was near glassy.  Things stayed clean for the next couple of hours and we even saw a standout shoulder high wave roll through just before we headed back over to Tamarindo.  By Noon the surf had shrunk back down and the winds kicked back onshore.  At sunset we saw the winds switch offshore once again, but the waves stayed pretty soft.

For Friday we should see similar conditions to today, with light winds out of the NW until around 11am when moderate onshore will prevail.  Semi bumpy in the AM with choppy conditions expected for the afternoon.  Predictions remain for chest to shoulder high coming out of the S and SW for most of the day.  Close to sunset we may see the waves jump up a bit as things begin to build again towards a big swell coming in on Monday.

High Tide for Tomorrow at 10:48am/11:17pm

Low Tide at 4:18am/5:05pm

Time of Post: 7:12pm

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